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Unopened Toothpaste Exp Jan- March 2021 Mouthwash Exp June - August 2020 Syrup exp Nov 2020 Close to Yorktown cvs
Measures almost 9" x 8". Compartments for Sun - Sat, Morning, Noon, Evening, Bedtime for each day. Some of the lettering is wearing off, as shown in the pictures. The Sunday, Bedtime doesn't stay closed. I used to use a small piece of tape to hold it closed. The "lids" come off in 4 strips and are dish washer safe, as is the white container part of it. Porch pick-up for anyone that confirms tha...
Home air filters 6 pack. 20x30x1. On front porch.
Must take all. Most in good or perfect condition. Some older ones have some wear.
Dozens of 8 oz. yogurt cups for use as seed starting pots. They have already been used for that purpose so they are too dirty for any other use. Also some stray larger containers.
If you are renting a 1/2 or 3/4 size violin from Amory Music for your 5th grader's participation in WJCC orchestra, you will need this violin shoulder rest as well.
Take it for scrape metal or maybe you can fix it.
FIRST COME FIRST SERVED: These are three, room-sized area rugs. Shorter length is 12 feet. Come roll out yourself to determine the other length. Two are cream coloredw with a nice finished edge. The other is unfinished and oatmeal colored. All are low pile. When put away they may have had modest stain or two but they were kept because they were in decent condition. You will need to remove these...
I "retited" a 64" plasma TV some time back and would love to get it out of my garage. It does work but with a caveat: power surge took out the HDMI ports. It still works on the other input ports (composite, component), and the HDMI ports can be repaired by replacing the board those ports reside on (did it a couple of times). I also can't find part of the stand (had it wall mounted) but that par...
I am looking for an outdoor extension cord; the longer the better - but I will gladly accept whatever you have. Thanks, Jim
I'm looking for rhubarb to bake/make jams. Thank you!
finished particle board shelf, 60" X 12"
I would like some old pool noodles, the kind with a hole running lengthwise through the center. They don't need to be in pristine shape, I'm using them for marking guy wires.
I could use some old tennis balls for a project. Thanks in advance!
I have the pull out drawer from my whirlpool side by side freezer. The ice maker no longer works so I no longer need this. Maybe someone has one that is cracked or doesn t rotate correctly so I thought I would offer it here. Fair Offer Policy applies
Old box tv, a swivel chair, a corner desk, another desk and an entertainment center. They are currently in Yorktown ready to be rehomed. Let me know if you want any of it, thanks. Check out the pictures at:
This modular storage kit can be reconfigured many ways to fit needs. We hav an additional 10 panels with about 12 more connectors not pictured. The unit pictured is great vertical storage but can be taken apart easily (was zip tied in spots for extra stability). It is 6 ft high and 12 inches wide, 14 inches deep. It is black. ( a few of the extra panels are dark blue). We live in Coventry. Grea...
Need to lift some 21 or 22 inch wide sections of suspended ceiling tiles up under my roof, to eliminate the risk of scraping my back on the protruding roofing nails. The access to my attic-installed HVAC air handler is near the gutter end. It's real hard to crawl up the ladder and along a 5 foot "cat walk" to access the air handler for maintenance and repairs, without hurting myself on the nail...
My son has a chameleon that is growing too big for its current home. If anyone has a 10 gallon or more aquarium that they would like to get rid of, we would be happy to take it off your hands. Thank you!
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